Olympic Fortnight – More Poems

Usain Bolt by Madeline

A speedy flash, a pop, a whizz

Watch out every one- Usain’s biz!

The competitors watch him at the speed of light,

Wondering if they had truly seen this sight.


“This is all very well!” I hear you say.

“But, we want the juicy stuff, hooray! “

Alright, my friends, followers near.

I promise you shall hear


And tell people of this hero-

Never has he scored zero!

The crack of a gun- BANG WHOOSH!

And the opponent’s hopes- SWOOSH!


Usain Bolt-that is his name-

I shall tell you how he claimed his fame!

He was born- raised- went to school!

But everyone there had a secret tool


To get to school you’d run up a hill-

And then- when you had you’re fill

Of important things (mainly sports)

What did you do? Practice what was taught!


He had the speed gene- amazing thing-

The gun goes off and ping!

You leap up twice as fast-

Wow! I hope it will last!


Another thing- special food

A yam! You say “In a mood

Eat that food?” Don’t dis the yam-

It’s better for you than ham!


Leap off the starting place –

That’s what you do in a race!

That gene makes you go faster-

WOW! I hope it’s a laster!


Wow- when grown up he went great guns

His confidence could be weighed in tons!

After hard training and good heath –

I have to say- he was full of himself!


Man- he was a bullet from a gun-

He made it look such fun!

So- now you heard-he is good-

He could do better- I’m sure he could!


The crack of a bullet- bang of a gun-

Watch out people- Usain is on the run!


Usain Bolt by Korban


Sensational runner

A world wide champion

In seconds, finished

Native to Jamaica


Beats everyone who comes in his way

Overwhelmingly fast

Lightning quick, impossible to beat

To try and beat him is the ultimate test


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