Olympic Fortnight – Poetry

Olympic Fortnight started yesterday with an opening ceremony in which a torch was brought into the hall. Elyse was the torch-bearer for Class AS. Today the children have worked on creating their own Olympic poems. The children were given complete freedom to use the style of their choice so kennings, limericks, haikus, acrostics and rhyming poems were all produced. There will be more poems added tomorrow, but here is today’s selection.


Beth Tweddle by Lily 

The Olympics is not far away

And Beth Tweddle is training hard all day

Going for the Olympic gold

Training thirty-six hours a week, very bold!


Training to be so amazingly fit

After her injury, she`s praying a bit!

Been doing gymnastics since she was six

Crowds of supporters watching, taking some pics!


Beth Tweddle`s courage gives her a shot

To her fans and supporters, she’s got the lot!

Far into the night she trains, it is said

While everyone else is asleep in their bed!


Olympic Games by Katie and Abi

Out in the open

Leaping past my competitors

You know I will win!

My feet are running like the speed of light

Power is all I can think of

I hear the cheers of the crowd, shouting my name

Can I really win?


Got to win the gold

All I can see is the high pole

My feet are ready to bounce off the ground

Each second is ticking by

Staring eyes focusing on me, the crowd hushes. This is my moment to shine.

The Olympic Torch by James

Powerful, deadly

It can burn you in seconds

So you’d better run

It is as gold as golden dust

Passing on to other people

You fly around the world

Nadia  Comanci by Emily


Nadia wondered across the stadium

As confident as can be

Darting over to the uneven bar

In a second, jumped on and flipped

After that, she jumped off


Careful as can be

On the other hand,

Major screams and cheers

And also she got Gold!

Not Silver, Bronze, but Gold!

Everyone shouted when it was announced.

Can also very easily

Identify a real Champion like her.

The Olympic Torch by Georgina

The Torch that is lit by the sun,

Brings lots of laughter and fun,

It travels far and wide,

For 70 days, alight.

The Torch is lit by an Olympic hero,

Who has shown off his skills,

Never scores zero!

The Torch was designed by Edward and Jay,

Who make Olympics fun this year!

The Olympic Torch shines and brings good luck,

To all the Olympians taking part.


Usain Bolt by Joshua and Harry       


Usain is insane

See’s everything as a race track

Away he goes like lightning

Is always determined to win

Night time comes, but not for him

Bolt’s out training, forgets his drink

On the way to victory once again

Lights up the crowd as he finishes the race

Takes the gold medal and sprints back home


The Olympic Torch by Susie


You travel so far

In everything to aeroplanes to cars

With a sparkle so bright

For you are the famous light


You shine yellow, orange and red

So people travel from their beds

To see just a gleam

Of your heavenly beam


So special you seen

A little fire sending beams

Sending peoples joy a light

Shining in people’s memories bright


Waking people from their slumber

Making people stare in wonder

All the way through the night

Reaching dreams of amazing heights


Many miles to be run

Heated by the powerful sun

Many people tired and hot

Holding the torch in their slot

Usain Bolt by Alex M

There is still a man called Usain

Who came to Britain on a plane

He’s faster than a bullet

He runs like a rocket

So his speed could blow out a flame.


The 100 metres by Oliver



Bang goes the gun

As I start my final race

They’re starting to catch me

I’ve got to beat the pace


I’ve got to go even quicker

Or I’ll just get caught

And I won’t let that happen

After all I’ve fought


Now we’re all sprinting

I’m further in the lead

Nothing will ever stop me

I’m going to succeed


As I cross the finish line

It takes a whole lap to stop

We stand up on the podium

I’m at the very top!


Qualifying by Elyse

Step forward on my mark

Shouts of support pump my heart

Blurry track straight ahead

Can’t concentrate, clear my head

Muscles twitch want to go

Want to run, but head says “No”

Need to win, I really do

If I don’t, I wont go through

Glance to my right, opponents stand

Poised like rubber bands

Sun is hot, sky is blue

Sweat trickles down, and dampens my shoe

BANG! The gun fires we leap off our marks

The crowd screams and shouts, happy as Larks

I skim ahead, wind in my hair

I don’t know what’s happening, who what and where

As I surge forward I feel I can fly

I feel so light, I feel so high

Is it a dream? I am not sure

But I`ve finished first place, don’t need to run any more

Jog to my team mates “AMAZING !” they cry

But the finals already begin to loom in my mind




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