Wenlock & Mandeville do gymnastics

On Monday night Wenlock and Mandeville went to Laura’s gymnastics class. Both of them were struggling to walk on Tuesday after trying to do the splits unlike Laura who can manage it with ease. Laura has written the following contribution:


My Sport Is:
– Artistic Gymnastics

The Olympic Values It Has Are:
– Courage
– Excellence
– Determination
– Friendship 

Gymnastics is a very fun sport. You have to do lots of moves. In Artistic Gymnastics it is mainly about balance and flexibility. You need courage and determination because some moves are quite scary, like flicks. You also need excellence because in a competition you need to be excellent. You also need friendship because in a two person move you need to trust them and you trust friends.


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  1. Laura says:

    Mr Stanley I didn’t mean to have “Hello!” in it! 🙂

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