French Fashion Show

Aujourd’hui, c’était le défilé de mode française pour l’AS & CH. Les enfants se pavanait leur truc sur le podium et a dit à un auditoire captivé ce qu’ils portaient. Ils ont joué deux morceaux à l’auditoire de la famille et les amis, qui ont également été traités à Nick & Ollie de Sports CM exhibant leurs uniformes magnifiques. Vraiment, les enfants étaient chic et super!


And for the non – French speakers….

Today was the French Fashion show for AS & CH. The children strutted their stuff on the catwalk and told an enthralled audience what they were wearing. They performed two songs to the audience of family and friends, who were also treated to Nick & Ollie from CM Sports showing off their wonderful uniforms. Truly, the children were super chic!

Photos from the final rehearsal can be seen below:




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2 Responses to French Fashion Show

  1. melisa says:

    Personally, I loved Mr Stanley’s fashion show tunes (despite a bit of sniggering amongst AS) – I suspect some of us forty something mums are of the same era and enjoy the same seminal songs!!! Thank you Mr Stanley!!!!

  2. Deanna G. says:

    I’ve viewed all of your postings, and enjoyed them all. Everyone gets into the spirit of each event. Everyone posed with style. And bet the Pancake race was fun to watch and partake. Who got to eat them at the end??? Dried them out and feed to birds or what? I went and gave blood this morning, and they sure ask me a lot of questions about my visit to the UK. Afraid of “mad cow”… But I’m healthy so they took my donation of blood, now I have a good reason to be lazy for 48 hrs!!! Their orders!!

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