Today we have been reading limericks in Literacy. We studied the features of a range of limericks. This includes 8 syllables in the first line, lines 1, 2 & 5 rhyming and also lines 3 & 4 rhyming. When we had finished reading some examples, we composed two limericks as a class before creating our own individual limericks.


Class Limericks


There was a Scotsman named Andy

Who adored eating pink candy.

When his teeth began to rot,

He ate a bowl of snot

And washed it down with strong brandy


There once was a man on the moon

Who loved to watch cartoons.

His eyes turned square

And he lost his hair,

And now people think he’s a loon.


Red Group

There was a man with a spoon

Who ate a piece of the moon

Not satisfied with that

He ate his hat

And blew up like a balloon


A farmer, Bill, was an egg man

His wife cracked him open in a bed pan

She scrambled his brains

And sautéed his veins

And used them to build a wigwam

Abi P

Mad Anne

There was a mad women called Anne,

Who drived a bright golden van,

She crashed it twice,

Both weren’t that nice,

And that’s why she’s called Mad Anne.


Baby baboon

There once was a baby baboon

Who wanted to visit the moon

Instead he went to Mars

Ate lots of chocolate bars

Now people say he`s back too soon


Elyse’s Limericks

Mad Pam

There was an old lady called Pam

And her favourite food was ham

She killed a pig

And ate a fig

And fell in love with a lamb


Dead Ned

There was once a boy called Ned

Who never got out of bed

A crow pecked his knee

Which made him flee

And in the morning he was dead.



Can, the silly man

There once was a man called Can,

who hit his head with a frying pan.

so he got a lump,

That he called Mr Bump.

Then went and crashed his red van!



Multi- tasking Bob.

There was a young swimmer called Bob,

He had a very long lob,

At school he was y popular,

He liked to look through binoculars,

But now he is a massive slob.



Jerry, the berry man.

There once was a man called Jerry,

who liked to eat lots of red berries.

So one day he went

To Tesco and spent

His money on all the cherries.



My dog used to be called Spotty

Even if he wasn’t dotty

But one day I said, ‘Wow!’

And he turned into a cow

So now I call him Motty



There once was a dude with blue hair

Who liked his steak extra rare

He ate his fill

Then got a chill

So instead he ate a brown bear



There was a boy called Rooney

Whose favourite actor was George Clooney

He was very dumb

And always drank rum

And that’s why he is a loony

Abi E

There once was a man with a spoon

Who wanted to watch a cartoon

His head went bare

He got a balloon from a fair

And now people think he’s  a loon.





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  1. ruth gest says:

    Great Limericks! Very well done, they all made me laugh!

  2. Alison Galbraith says:

    I love the limericks too! Very funny!

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