Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Elyse

The Ancient Greek Olympic Games

What where the Greek Olympics?

The Olympic Games is a huge event which fist started in Ancient Greece in 776 BC .It contained many different events including chariot races, boxing, running and so on. Although there was only around six events in the original Olympics there are many more now!

Where did it all happen?

The Ancient Greek Olympics took place at Olympia in a selection of buildings. First of all there was the Paddista this was where they trained for jumping and wrestling. Then there was the Gymnasium which was a training ground for running and throwing events. The Leonidain was a type of hotel for all the important guests. Then, around the middle there was a building called a Bouleulerion the Olympic council had all of their meetings. Next was the Stadium this is where the races would take place and were around 40,000 would be able to sit. Finally there was the Pleaion where the fire which was used to light the fires on all the altars at the Olympics.

What were the events?

At the Ancient Greek Olympics, there were quite a few games if you would like to find out what they are, please read on.

Running: Running is probably the oldest event in the Olympics. There were three main races (all 192 metres) The Stade which was 2 lengths on the track, The Diaulos which was 20 to 24 lengths and a special race in which athletes wore a helmet a greavest and carried a shield.

Boxing: A Boxing contest could last for hours upon end and only finished when one Athlete lost consciousness or gave in. Boxing Athletes there for aimed as many punches at the head as possible.

Wrestling: There were three different types of Wrestling. There was upright Wrestling and in this, too win you had to throw your opponent on too the floor three times. Next there was ground wrestling which went on until gave in. And then there was the pankiation which was when you could do anything to your opponent but biting and eye gouging.

Chariot Racing and Horse Racing: Chariot racing and Horse Racing were quite similar but in Chariot races you rode on a Chariot pulled by horses.

The Pentathlon: Finally, there was the Pentathlon, which consisted of five events: running, wrestling, jumping, discus and javelin.

What about the women? Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, so a separate festival just for women was held and its name was Heraia to honour Zeus’ wife, Hera.

What did the winners win? The many people who won games at the Ancient Greek Olympics were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons. If they were lucky they might even have a statue made of them.


Sadly Olympia (where the games were held) was destroyed in a major earthquake in a 395AD, but fortunately the games live on today.

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