Ancient Greek Non – Chronological report: Abi E

Ancient Greek Olympics


In the Ancient Greek Olympic games there were lots of events. That leaves us with some questions, like how many people took part? Were there lots of dangers and what prizes did the winners get? To answer these questions and many more read this non – chronological report.



Running was the oldest and most popular event in history of the games. But it wasn’t an easy event either. The track was made out of clay covered sand and was 192 meters. Horse racing, the basic horses race was run over 1200 meters. In another race the rider would dismount and run the rest of the race. This tells us that most of the people that took park were very fit and fast runners. Jockeys rode bareback so there were often lots or accidents.  The horses owners often rented their horses out for the races.


Lots of people wanted to win, why they would take part otherwise.  The winners were presented with an olive wreath and some woollen ribbons. If they were that great they might even have a statue made in there honour.   The games where held in honour of Zeus.     The games were also held in honour of Pelops a great hero.


Modern Olympics 


Sadly, the Ancient Olympics ended by AD 395, when Olympia was destroyed by not one but two violent earthquakes. In AD 1896 a smart French man called   Mr Borden Pierre Courbet was inspired by the cleaver idea of the ancient games and organized the first Morden Olympic Games.

Were the events dangerous?

Most of the time they were because in the Horse racing event accidents were common. The jockeys rode bareback so when the horses was in full gallop it was very bouncy and the riders often fell off , and if they wanted to stay on they would have to have great balance.  The track was 1200 meters long. And the worst was it was very bumpy.

Were the people who took part  important?

Most of the people who took part were important because they were fit and in good shape so they would have had to fight in their wars.  Pelops, a great hero and a fighter in their wars was honoured, and because of him and Zeus, the Olympic Games started.


How many people took part?

Lots of people took part because there was a lot of stadiums and lots of events. Judging by the sizes of the arenas there must have been thousands of athletes taking part in the games; after all it is famous these days, with all the Modern Olympics it has sure made a reputation for itself.


Yes the events were dangerous and lots of people took part. The winners got Olive wreaths, woollen ribbons, palm branches and maybe even a statue made in there honour. And we should give the Ancient Greeks for getting the Olympics started for us.

Thank you Ancient Greeks for the fantastic games today.

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