Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Cameron

The Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece in 776Bc and were decided to be held every four years. The Olympics were meant to get fitness and health levels high as they could for the condition of war and in honour of the king god Zeus. The Olympic Games were held in Olympia because Olympia was a city and was one of the cities with 9 important buildings one of them was the temple of Zeus.



In Ancient Greece men were naked at the Olympic Games this used to amuse most children and made them watch the Olympics more often. Their was said to be a story about why the Greeks were naked in the Olympics and it was about a widow called Callipatira that went to the Olympics to join in with the events with her son, husband and brothers. When her son one she was overjoyed and the disguise that she was wearing fell of. The penalty was death but because her son, husband and brothers all won their events she survived. From then on the rules were changed to be naked so they could spot any women. This was why in the Olympics you had to be naked.



Olympia was the site sacred to the god Zeus. In Olympia there were 9 important buildings, these were places like the temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera and other places like treasuries and offices. The Olympic Games were held in Olympia every 4 years and were the oldest games in Ancient Greece but were still very popular.




Women were officially of limits to the Olympics and were only aloud to watch, but if you were married you weren’t aloud anywhere near the Olympics and had to go more than a certain distance away. The women decided to have a festival of there own called the Heraia. This was held every 4 years at the time of the Olympics and included 3 running events depending on your age, this was in the Honour of the queen goddess Hera.





There were 6 events in the Olympic Games (some of these 6 events were not included in the Olympics today and some of them are still here today). Running was one of the most popular events there were 3 races that you had to compete in. The first race was were you did 1 length of the track and was called the stade, the next race took more effort and was where you had to 2 lengths of the track and was called the diaulos, finally the last race took the most effort and you did 20 to 24 lengths of the track and was called the dolichos. In some of these races you would wear armour and a shield for extra weight and made it more difficult. Wrestling was popular as well and was an exiting event. The event went on until somebody gave up out of the 2 that were playing the match so it took a long time for a match to finish this event took lots of strength and stamina to win and was really tough event. The Pentathlon was the most difficult event and was where you took part in a series of mini events, running, wrestling, javelin, jumping and discuss. The Pentathlon was designed to find the best all round athlete and was a very tough challenge. Boxing was an event that went up to taking several hours and ended when 1 of the 2 contestants was knocked unconscious or gave up. It was similar to wrestling and also needed strength and stamina to succeed. Chariot racing was when you got pulled by 4 horses in a cart or you could go in a team of 2 each with 2 horses, collisions were common and normally happened at corners. Horse racing was a quick event and was when you were on a horse going round a track of about 1200m, if you fell of you could get serious injuries.



This report should have told you about 4 things to do about the Olympics in Ancient Greece, a very interesting thing, and should have expressed your knowledge about it.

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