Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Abi P

The Ancient Olympic Games

The Ancient Olympic Games started in ancient Greece in 776BC, the games were held in Olympia. The Olympics started in honour of Zeus, the Greek god of all gods, but also in memory of Pelops, a Greek hero.


It was found that women were NOT allowed to compete in the Olympic Games. However all the games were held outside and women were NOT allowed out of the house unless to collect water, so only men were able to compete and watch the events. On the other hand the sports developed over the years as the chart on page 47 shows.


There were lots of events all held in Olympia such as running, running was the oldest event in the games, also the track was about 192 metres long. In wrestling there were three events, there was up right wrestling, ground wrestling and the third one was called the Pankrawon was very dangerous as any tasting except from biting and eye gouging was permitted. There was also boxing, chariot racing, horse racing and a couple more.


Lots of Ancient Greek pots were made but the designs were mostly involving the Olympic Games. Also while the men were competing in the Olympics their wives of the slaves were busy making pots to show the Olympics.


Nudity became a ruling in the fifteenth Olympiad, in 720BC and it involved both trainers and contestants.


So now you know some facts about the ancient Olympics and how much it is much more different from today where the games took place, when they started, who was involved, what the Olympics was about and how did it start.

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