Winter Poems: Abi P, Emma & Jack

Winter starts


The start of winter is when all

the snowflakes race down to

the ground. When the trees are covered with

a snowy blankets to hide their naked branches.

But that’s just the start.


I walk out my door leaving the door fire-a-sizzling

where my cat lies warming her soft fluffy head.

By bare foot steps first in the

woolly blanket of snow as it eats my feet and scratches my

fingers as I run sharply inside again to the warmth.

But that’s just the start.


I jump on my sledge in my warm winters clothes when I zoom

down the snowy hills, cold

frosty air brushing past my face into my nose and through my flowing hair.

But that’s just the start.


Then comes the time when the snow melts until one little cold drop that I must keep
in a glass case to remind me of the winters bite but now spring

is here,

so that’s

the end.


A snow poem


I woke up one winter morning and saw a beautiful sight

Snow, gold and pink and violet

From the dawn light


Roses sit in icy cases like wands of glass

With a magical air

So many it was like a small class


Fairies sit upon the wall

Small and dainty like the snow flakes

Unnoticed by all


As the golden sun rises

And the colour fades

I wish I could see that sight that spoke to me again


A Winter Poem


Snowflakes come down like hot air balloons landing

Shivery snow covers the whole street

In the living room light the fire

To warm my icy snowy feet


Naked trees show their branches

Snowballs shoot across the lawn

Building snowmen to stand like statues

Children play and adults yawn


The winter clouds gush out icy wind

Jingling bells make icicles fall

Melting snow runs along my feet

The Christmas tree stands green and tall


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