Winter Poems: Will C & Lily

In Class AS wehave been looking at poetry this week. We looked at personification, similes and rhyme, and tried  to create our own poems about winter with these aspects. Here’s Will C’s and Lily’s

Winter time


Winter gives the trees frost bite

It makes the hedgehogs curl up in their spikes   

All the colour drains away

And the snowy winter is here to stay


All the trees very bare

Children dreaming without a care

As night passes by

All the foxes are sleeping, no lies


The animals hide from the snow

By sleeping underground head to toe

Above the ground there’s no clatter

Only robins starting to chatter     


Winter time.

Snow falls down, very thick,

Covering the ground with a white blanket.

Trees huddled together

Protecting themselves from the freezing cold weather.


Snow flakes chase each other

Landing on a white snowy cover.

Children on sledges, calling as they go,

Running like the wind down a hill of snow.


Walk down the icy street, where no cars drove,

Leave the fire sizzling though.

Hearing a small robin sing,

But with no audience listening.

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  1. melisa says:

    Lovely poetry – actually makes me wish I could go back to school for a bit… but only for poetry lessons…..!!

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