Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Will W


Ancient Olympic Games


The Olympic games are the oldest and most important competition of all.

The first Olympic games were in 776BC. They took place in Olympia every 4 years. Read on to find out more.



There was running, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing and horse racing. In a pentathlon the events were running, wrestling, jumping, discus, and javelin throwing. These were played in honour of Zeus.



The prizes were given on the fifth day of the games. They were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons.



When the men competed in their events they played naked. They did this because in Greece it is really hot so they decided to do it naked.



Women were not aloud to compete in the Olympic games and married women were not even aloud to go near Olympia during the Olympics. There was a separate festival for the women called Heria, this was held every 4 years in honour of the goddess Hera This included girls of different ages.

Modern Olympics

The ancient Olympic games ended in AD 395 when Olympia was destroyed by very violent earthquakes. In AD 1896 a Frenchman was inspired by the ancient Olympics and organised the first Olympic games.

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