Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Oliver

The Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympic Games started in 776bc and has since then grown to be one of the greatest event held every 4 years.  Held in memory of Greek hero Pelops and in honour of Zeus, it had lots of events to be held in Olympia.



Olympia was where the Olympic Games took place as it was mainly dedicated to Zeus and wasn’t very democratic so before it was not very popular. It was also close to Sparta, a very powerful city- state.



The running events took place on a192 metrelong track called the stadium. It could hold 40,000 people. Other buildings included the gymnasium and pelopion where the ashes of Pelops where.



All great events required men to be naked, to make sure they were not women. This was the first sex test.  When the modern Olympic games started in 1896 there was no sex tests but in 1968 they where started.      



The main event was the running; there was three races, the stade diclies and the dolchies. Then there was the wrestling, the pentathlon, boxing, chariot racing and horse racing.     


The Olympic Games were a great event but in AD 395 two violent earthquakes destroyed Olympia but in 1896 Pierre de Courbin set the first modern olympic games in Paris .

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  1. Tony Redfern says:

    Excellent report of the history of the Olympics.

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