Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Josh NB

The Ancient Olympic Games

Athletics was a really good sport for the Greeks.  The Olympic Games started in Olympia and also started in 776 BC.   The Olympics happened every four years and it still does.


There were running, wrestling, boxing and horse races. In running you had 3 different events the first event was ‘the stade’, the second event was ‘the diauls’, the third event was ‘the doluihos’, it got harder in each event. Boxing had only one event.  The horse race had 1200m race to the finish line.


The prizes were given on the fifth day of the games.  The winning athlete was given an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons.  Some of the cities gave lots of money to some of the winning athletes.

 Women’s games

Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics, but married women could not go anywhere near Olympia during the games. Women had their own games called Heraia.


Olympia had some impressive buildings built. The buildings were for training which were called Palaistra and the gymnasium. There was a separate building for meetings too.


Ancient Greeks liked their games and you should know more about the games and their history.

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