Ancient Greeks Non – Chronological reports: Lucy

Olympic Games in Ancient Greece

Studies of the Olympic games show it provided fitness and awards. Also it provided health. Only men would be in it. It was the oldest Olympic Games in Olympia.
Some of the most popular event were footrace, horserace , chariot race , wrestling , boxing , long jump and finally javelin.
Some of the prizes included money but now the prizes included medals such as bronze, silver and gold.
When they took place
They first took place in 776BC and ended in 395BC.
Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics and married woman weren`t even allowed to go near Olympia during the games . A festival for women, called the Heraia , was held four years in honour of the goddess Hera.
Winners were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbon. They might also have a statue erected in their honour.
In this report you can see some similarities between now and the ancient Greek times although the games were, on the whole, quite different.

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