Ancient Greeks Non – Chronological Reports: Georgina


Ancient Olympic Games


This report will tell you about the things you want to know about the AncientOlympics that started in 776BC at Olympia.



In the AncientOlympics that the Ancient Greeks took part in, the events were Wrestling, Boxing, Chariot races, Horse races, Javelin, Long jump, Discus, and Running in Olympia. Most running contestants had shields. Every 4 years, the Olympics took place.



The winners were given an olive wreath, palm branches and woollen ribbons. These things were often presented by the ruler. The prizes were given on the fifth day of the games.



As women were forbidden to watch the Ancient Olympic Games or

take part in them, a women, called Callipatira, disguised herself and won the Chariot race.



The Ancient Olympics ended in AD395, when Olympia was destroyed by two giant earthquakes. Some ancient Olympic games included a relay race, the contestants passed a torch to each other.


The Ancient Greeks were good athletes and became professionals quickly. Most athletes now are professionals.

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