Ancient Greeks Non – Chronological Report: Jack


The Ancient Olympic Games.


The Olympics are a range of athletic events that were started in Greece. The first Olympics were held in memory of Greek hero, Pelops. The Olympics also started in 776BC and were held every four years at Olympia in honour of Zeus.




Women weren’t allowed to take part in the games. Married women weren’t even allowed to enter Olympia while the games were on. There was a separate Olympic festival for women called Heraia. It was also held every four years in honour of the goddess Hera, Zeus wife. In this games there was three different running events.



The events.

The events build up different strengths such as speed,stamina,strength and courage. Speed games would include sprinting,hurdles plus much more. Taking part in the games was a brilliant opportunity to build your fitness and strength.





There were nine different buildings that were for different events. The Plaistra was used for jumping events and wrestling,the running events took place in the stadium. The Pelopion contained the burial mound of hero Pelops. There was also a building for meetings.




The winners of the games were presented with a olive wreath and palm branches plus a woollen ribbon. They were presented with the prizes on the fifth day of the games.


The Ancient Olympic Games shut down in 395AD. The next Olympic Games are next year 2012, in London.

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