Ancient Greeks Non – Chronological report: Eve

Ancient Olympic games
This is a guide to help you on your knowledge of the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece. This was Greek men’s favourite pastime.

In Greek times, women were not allowed to take part because they were girls. Married women were not allowed anywhere near Olympia, but they still had their own games without men.

In the Olympics there were many events that Men took part in such as boxing, running, wrestling, horse races, chariot races and more. Everyone enjoyed watching. Lots of people got hurt, but then that was entertainment.

Usually for prizes people got a medal for the event that they tried. Sometimes you got paid, but that didn`t happen often and was very rare. For some people they preferred medals so they could show off their wonderful medals.

People trained really hard to be the best they could be. Training was stressful and powerful for them. Boxing was the worst anyone could wish for because fists were clenched and mayhem struck the city. Horse races needed training because the rider would fall off but they would always try again.

Sometimes money was a problem for the Greek Athletes because they wanted money, but they could not get it. Sometimes they used to knock each other out in boxing because they were showing how angry they were. Sometimes money was given out.

The Olympics is still going on today but it is not the same. Our next Olympics is in 2012 and everyone is looking forward to it.

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