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The Ancient Olympic Games.

The first Olympic Games was in 776 BC and was founded by the Ancient Greeks. One of the reasons the Olympics were held was to keep men fit and ready for battle. The Olympics where held first in memory of Pelops, Greek hero and to honour the god Zeus.


When where they held?

The Ancient Olympics where held every four years like ours today. The games happened over a course of five days, in which many events were held.

Where were they held?

The games where held in Olympia to honour the god Zeus and started in memory of Greek hero, Pelops. Olympia was the supposedly the land of the gods and so from it came the name Olympics.

Who entered?

Only men could enter or train themselves and their sons. Most men that entered where soldiers as they needed to be in top condition for battle. Married women could not go near the games when they where held.


The winners were presented with branches weaved into wreaths, from the sacred olive tree. Also they received a vase full of wine and water, these prizes where given on the fifth day of the games.


There where lots of different events such as; running, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing, horse racing and hardest of all, the pentathlon. The pentathlon consisted of five sections; running, wrestling, jumping,discus and javelin.

Now you know a little bit more about the ancient Olympic games. The modern day Olympics are very different but are in some ways similar to the first Olympic Games.

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