Ancient Greek Non – Chronological Report: Ben


The Ancient Olympic Games

Studying the Olympic games gives you an opportunity to take a look at a popular event. This will show you When it happened,what happened and where it happened.



The events of the Olympics were some of the most exiting things of the year. The following events took place foot race,chariot race, wrestling, boxing, long jump and last of all javelin.



In 776BC the prizes for the Olympics Games were not medals as we see it now. Instead the prizes were money.



Historical evidence tells us that the Olympic games happened every four years in honour of the ancient god, Zeus.



Woman who were married weren’t supposed to go to the Ancient Olympic Games. Some sources don’t agree at all about woman entering the Olympics.


The Olympic Games is one of the most popular events of the year . In our days some things have stayed the same such javelin and sprinting and some things have moved on.



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