Ancient Olympics Non – Chronological Reports – Will C

During the past week we have been looking carefully at the Ancient Olympics and writing our own non – chronological reports. The children have used headings and subheadings, organised their work into sections, used an impersonal style and writen in the past tense. Here’s Will C’s.

The Ancient Olympics
The Olympic games were first invented by the Ancient Greeks and now over 2,000 Years later still remain the most popular sporting event in the world. The Athletics were very popular because it helped them stay healthy for battle. The Olympics give plenty of opportunity to show off Athleticism. They started in Olympia in memory of Greek hero Pelop. The first Olympics started in 776 B.C. for men only.

The events were normally held in different arenas The Satum for running and the Palastria for Jumping, Boxing and wrestling. The events include running, boxing, wrestling, the pentathlon, chariot races and horse races.


The first Olympics were first held in Olympia. they were held every 4 years and this has historical evidence to back it up.

Women’s games

Women weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympics. Married women also weren’t allowed near Olympia, so a new event called Heraia was made in honour of Zeus’s wife Hera for women.

The winners

The winners would get a crown of celery in one event; other wise it was an olive wreath made of palm branches and ribbons. The prizes were given on the fifth day of the Olympics.

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