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The Olympic Games.
The Olympics were held in memory of Pelops and at the Olympic venue there is a room called the Pelopion which contained the burial mound of the hero Pelops. The Olympics were held every four years and lasted five days, like they do nowadays. The games started in 776BC in honour of Zeus.
The games included running, wrestling, boxing, chariot racing, horse racing and the pentathlon including running, wrestling, jumping, discus and javelin. Some ancient games included a relay race in which a torch was passed from one runner to the next. The last runner on the winning team lit a fire on an altar; this event has been adapted for the modern Olympics as lighting the Olympic flame.

What did the women do?
Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics, and married women were not even allowed to go near Olympia during the Olympics. The women had a separate festival called the Heraia included three running events for girls of all ages. The festival Heraia was held in honour of the goddess Hera just like the Olympics but the Olympics were held in honour of Zeus, Hera husband.

The citizens were encouraged to take part in sports because it kept them fit and were in good fighting conditions for following wars. Athletics reflected in the education provided for children. Athletics was seen as high status and children, particularly boys, were encouraged from an early age.

The winners.
Winners were presented with an olive wreath, palm branches and a woollen ribbons. They might also have a statue erected in their honour. The prizes were given on the fifth day of the games, the ideal of the games was that Athlete should seek only the honour of competing and the personal glory of winning.

So now you should know when the Olympics started, what events were included, where the Olympics were and what the women did during the Olympics.

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