The Mediterranean Mail

Today, published for your delectation, sees the first (and last) edition of the Mediterranean Mail, Class AS’ Ancient Greek newspaper. You will see a lots of imagination, sound journalistic concepts and a good deal of historical fact presented in an entertaining manner. Particularly recommended is the hilarious ‘Problem Page’.

Read on and enjoy!

(to download an article right click on a file and press ‘save target as.’ You canthen save the file into your ‘my documents folder’. It can then be opened and read.)

Pheidippides Lead story – Will C & Josh F

Parthenon – Cameron & Jake

Local News – Susie and Alex C

Medusa interview – Will W & Emily Knight

Free Personals – Will R & Georgina

Problem Page – Madeline and Ben

Greek Gods – Oliver, Lucy & Elias

Gossip girls – Abi E & Katie

Fashion – Emma & Kirsten

food and drink – Charlotte & Eve

Greek Houses – Abi P & Jack

Greek That – Elyse & Alex M

Reviews – John & Harry

Puzzle Page – John & Harry

Sport – Lily and Josh NB




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