Which materials dissolve quickest in water?

This is the science experiment we conducted yesterday.

What we used

Beakers, spoon, cold water, hot water, coffee, cocoa, salt, sugar, pencil sharpenings, flour, cornflour, timer.

What we did

We placed the same amount of each material in two beakers. We put cold water on top of one sample and hot water on top of another. We then stirred the mixture with a spoon until it dissolved and timed how long this took.

How we made it fair

  • Same amount of material
  • Same amount of water
  • Same person to stir at the same rate
  • Same sized beakers
  • Same sized spoons

What we predicted

This varied across the class, but there was a general feeling that the pencil sharpenings would not dissolve and would just float in the water. There was a general feeling that the other materials would dissolve.


Hot water dissolved all the materials except for the pencil sharpenings. However, the cold water struggled to dissolve anything, even wth salt and sugar there was still some remenants floating at the bottom.

What we found out

We found out that hot water speeds up the rate at which things dissolve and this forms solutions. Things which don’t dissolve and float are called suspensions.

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