Standing Long Jump

It was recently suggested by a parent that the class hold a standing long jump challenge (as this was an ancient Greek Olympic event) and that Mr Stanley should set the standard.

 Always one to take up a challenge, Mr Stanley thought that this was a brilliant idea and organised for a competition to be held. There was an educational reason for this, however! After collating the children’s results the class agreed to investigate one of three key questions: Did boys jump a longer distance than girls? Did Year 6 jump further than Year 5? Do children aged 11 jump further than children aged 10 or 9? Some answers to our investigations will be published over the next couple of days. Until then here are some photos of the activity and the results of the competition.

AS Standing long jump

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2 Responses to Standing Long Jump

  1. jillian young says:

    Dear Elyse,
    Brilliant jump!- did you beat Mr Stanley?, also loved your Greek urn!

  2. Sarah Redfern says:

    Go the girls! I look forward to seeing the results… Mr Stanley obviously jumped the highest but maybe not the longest?

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