Ancient Greek Leitmotifs


In Music this term we have been looking at leitmotifs (themes from characters in films). We examined the leitmotifs for Darth Vader, Superman, Indiana Jones and James Bond. We examined rhythm, tempo, dynamic and pitch.


Our next step was to research a Greek god or goddess and try to create a leitmotif that suited them. We chose from a range of instruments, wqrote our own notation and then tried to create a piece of music that reflected the character. Finally, we used audacity to record our performances.  Here our the seven pieces of music.

Poseidon God of the Sea Group 1

The Poseidon Trio

Poseidon God of the Sea Group 2



The Year 5 boys with their take on Poseidon

Eirene Goddess of spring


The girls chose Eirenne, Goddess of spring

Aries God of War



Aries, God of war as imagined by the boys


Aphrodite Goddess of love


The girls used a much softer sound for their goddess.


Another interpretation of Aphrodite



The boys created their own leitmotif for Perseus.

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2 Responses to Ancient Greek Leitmotifs

  1. melisa says:

    What a lovely site – I have so enjoyed looking at all this inspiring work – and I am very happy to now know what a Leitmotif is!

  2. Deanna Galbraith says:

    I used my Kindle to look up the word Leitmotifs, as it was a new word for me, used Wikepedia, what a complete explination of the word, and for students of your age to be learning such new words, and then putting them to usage in the sound bites I heard. Great work. So, even and old grandma, can learn new things and use new electronical toys (the Kindle) for answers. It’s Halloween day here in the USA, our town, Clinton, Iowa has a parade tonight, the weather today is cool, but no rain. Iowa did not get the snow that the Eastern State areas got. I will watch the parade here in my home on TV. Enjoy your classes and your friends. Grandma G.

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