Desert Disaster character descriptions: Alex M




Fernando, who is mad on sport, is always playing football in the park. Fernando is Jeremy’s uncle. He was taking him on holiday but the plane crashed. Luckily, he had a tent, food and drinks for the game. He let Dave try and help the others out of the plane but he couldn’t. Fernando was pitching the tent. Fernando is a massive football fan. He will go to every Spain and Barcelona game. He works at university to be a professional footballer. He is already good, he just wants to be better. Fernando can kick very hard, so he got the people out of the plane by kicking a ball at the window to smash it and let Dave get them out. As angry as a bull, Fernando told Jeremy to get in the tent to eat and drink. Nervously, Jeremy ate and drank to stay alive.

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2 Responses to Desert Disaster character descriptions: Alex M

  1. Rachel says:

    Great descriptions Alex. He sounds like quite a handy character to be stuck in the desert with – but also a bit scary!

  2. Sarah Redfern says:

    Great characters! Which university did Fernando go to to learn football?

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