Desert Disaster character descriptions: Josh NB




As worried as a rabbit, Dave is a very scruffy man at 24 year old. Dave doesn’t have a very good style sense because he wears baggy ripped jeans at the knee. Dave isn’t very good at balancing, falls over a lot and his legs have scratches and bruises all over them.


He has brown hair and a really nice smile ,that goes with his hair. When the plain crashed he was really worried, but when he realised that he was in the desert he was well equipped. In his backpack was 7 water bottles , 2 packets of dried crisps, bread and a mini radiator.


Dave liked school and enjoyed history and his travelling work. He went to uni and he learnt about travelling; he was the top of the class(there was only 10 people in the class) in learning about travelling.


Smelling like a cow pat Dave has to be one of the stinkiest people in the world. He looks like a traveller with a green dinosaur top. Dave lives at 142b Forest Road and absolutely loves going on the most exiting adventures.

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