Will C’s Sand Fairy Biography


The sand fairy


The sand fairy also known as Psammead was born 7000 years ago in a small town called Sandown. He was gifted with magic powers. His magic is so powerful it is as powerful as god. When he was born he smelt so bad that his mother dropped him at birth and now he has a big scar on his head.


When he was at school he cast a spell that made all the sand fairies vaporise so he became lonely and miserable. He set himself a task to grant people wishes. For the last 5,000 years he has committed him self to help others and since then he has become on of the best known mythical creatures on the planet. Over the years people have ordered pizzas to dogs, tortoises to cheatahs and even a million pounds.

When you stroke him he is soft but gets covered in sand if you push too hard. When he digs he makes a rustling noise.

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