Madeleine’s Sand Fairy description


The sand fairy.

Small and wrinkled, the sand fairy was a truly strange sight. He smelt damp and a bit like the sea. Strangely, he was very sweaty and did not smell very nice. Weirdly, he smelt a bit like seeweed.


His voice was pleasing, but a little too posh. It also sounded like he had something up his nose. When he moved he sounded a little like waves on a calm day.


Suprisingly,the belly was a little bit flabby. Also, he looked like he had a moustache and he looked ever so posh. IHis nose was green with a pink tinge.


Weirdly, he felt furry,a little bit like a poncho but if you stroked too hard little bits of sand got under your nails. The skin almost felt scaly but wasn’t.

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