Katie’s Sand Fairy biography

The green group had to write a brief biography of the sand fairy while keeping the same descriptive language. This is Katie’s:



Psammead, the sand fairy



The sand fairy , known as Psammead is the most famous fairy known to children. He is the loneliest fairy on the planet, since an awful day in his past. His life is devoted to making children’s lives as happy as can be. He is quite clever, but on the outside you would think he is quite dumb. Sadly, no one ever looks at him and all his inspiration in life is the children.


The sand fairy was born in Sanville about 5000 years ago. Born under a tree, he was left by his parents. His parents had died because there was an evil tiger, he liked to eat fairies. Unfortunately, they passed away. He made a friend who paid for Psammead’s school which did not end very well. He was in a wizarding school, only in his first year. He got kicked out because he cast a spell to make himself invisible to all the fairies.


The spell that he cast happened over 2000 years ago. He became invisible to all fairies so he had no friends.


As soft as a cushion, he has green fur which makes him look like a sea monster. His eyes are emerald green which glisten in the sun. Adorably, Psammead made others like him. All of the children said he was magical and amazing.


The first thing that caught my eye was that he was quite chubby and didn’t look like a fairy. Today he lives under sand where the sea used to be. All the wishes that he makes usually backfire but you had to make your wish clear.


When he was first born he smelt revolting , his mother dropped him and today he still has a mark on his right hand. Today he just sleeps and waits for children to find him.


That is all you need to know about the sand fairy.

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