Jack’s extended story

Here is Jack’s story

The Cheetah and The Frog.


Once upon a time there was a cheetah named Colely. Tried, he decided that he will go out of his humble home to go and see the world. His nose is shiny as the sun on a beaming hot day. He was so happy he ran at 80 mph. He started to slow down but he was going quite fast. He finally went to his normal speed. Once he slowed down he said “ Hello how are you?” The badger didn’t respond at all just went in his hole like a grumpy old man. He saw a river which was so peaceful and quiet. Until he got further ahead and the water started to rush down so fast his little head couldn’t keep up. Shocked, he saw a surfboard washed up on the bank. Then he saw a random frog on the bank as well. The frog jumped up like a lightning flash.


Chapter 2 The friends

Colely asked “ Are you alright?”

“ Yes I do this everyday.”

They walked on to the frogs home. “ By the way my name is Rolely.” The forest is a deep, dark and scary place, people go in and it takes ages to get out. Colely ran on ahead to see what this motor car was doing here in the middle of no were. When the frog caught up he was so out of breath so quickly.

He said “shall we take it back to my place?”

“What, wouldn’t that be stealing? I have never stole something before!” So the frog went at the front and Colely went at the back.

“On the count of 3, I, 2, 3 push!” It was easier than they thought. So they pushed it into Rolely’s garage. Once it was in they went in and had a cup of tea.



Chapter 3 The Arrest

           After there tea break they went out and painted it a different colour. They painted it green, it was green as the grass.  Rolely whispered “Shall we take it out for a bit?”

           “Yes but only for a little bit” Colely said. Once they got it started they went out of the countryside and went to the big city of New Zealand. Rolely was driving the motor car and Colely was sitting in the back eating grapes. They weren’t contracting at all so they hit a police car and the police came driving after them. Rolely was not going to pull over because he never wanted to go to jail. So he swapped positions with Colely so Colely pulled over near a shop called Barnet’s and Fred@.com. They had a long talk Colely and the officer in the end Colely got in the car and they drove off.


Chapter 4 The BREAK OUT


Colely was so bored in jail al he did was cook and clean. He has 364 days left in jail. When he got back to his cell. He saw that he had a cellmate called Macrooney.

           “ We need to get out of here it is so boring!” Colely said. So once the next day came around Colely and Macrooney got out of the cell and started to run to Rolely’s home when they were half way there the police started to catch up with them so when a train came they jumped on to it. The police followed them on it they went to the very front of the train. Then the two men caught up and said “ Your going back now!” So when they got to the end of the tunnel they jumped off the train and landed right by Rolely’s home. So Colely knocked on the door with Macrooney next to him. When he opened the door Coley marched in the house and Macrooney followed him.


“ I am sorry that I got you in trouble it wont happen again.”    



Chapter 5 The Friends

So the three of them spent the night at Rolely’s house. The next morning Colely went back to his house with his new friend. When they were walking home they saw the man going to his home, they went back to Rolely’s and stayed there until it cooled off. So the night there Rolely asked a random question  “ How did you escape from jail?”

           “ We sneaked out!” Colely said. So the three of them spent the rest off there lives in Rolelys house.


This is a story about a cheetah and a frog. When they met they knew that they were going to be the best of friends. but frog did something really bad that got his friend into big trouble!

This is the best book you will of ever read!

(You know that this book is also really cheap!)



By Jack



By Jack

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