Extended Stories

At the end of each academic year the children write extended stories. This year Class AS had to write a story inspired by The wind in the willows. The first completed story is Frankie’s, complete with blurb at the end. I particularly like the newspaper quotes at the end! Enjoy!





The deadly sewer


Sniff, sniff sniff’

I woke up to reassuring sound of my younger brothers whiskers against my cheek. Brown water floated around my mucked up fur and my paws patted against the water that surrounded my tomato can(that I used as my bed). I suddenly felt awake and fresh for the day ahead.

“ Come on my spiffing folks, let’s get to work! Albert organise the tins in an orderly fashion, Simon clear away the cake wrappings and ginger beer bottles from last night and then everybody can gather round for a family meeting,” I bellowed.

I walked over to a strange looking rat, who was slouching against the side of the wall, I could hear a silent whimper from him and a clear tear rolled down his scabby face.

“ So dreadfully sorry I haven’t introduced myself yet and the other rats from our little rat clan. I am Edward the rat and your name must be Stephen,” he nodded

“ Oh yes I think I heard about you, the one that drifted down the drain last night. Don’t worry, you’ll soon make new friends.” I said comfortingly.


I had a very bad feeling about today- that we would all be separated somehow, from the tiniest of things- one that leaves shivers up your spine. Oh well no time to worry now when I’had a whole family to organise. Suddenly though there was a tremor across the water, then a gush of wind blew me straight onto my face, I lifted myself up quickly, then wiped my whiskers carefully. I couldn’t spoil everyone’s day now by sharing my fears with them, I mean Bobby and Andrew were playing piggy back races with everyone else (across the tins) and they never join in, unless they were extremely gay, like today.


So I decided to tell an extremely special member of our clan. This rat had whiskers that draped down to his paws, his cheeks were always as red as rubies and his voice was a gentle wind, he was Wise Old George.

“ Hello there old chap, all right today then?” George laughed.

“ Actually, I’m not. I have dreadfully bad feeling today, something is going to change our lives forever!” I whispered as quietly as possible, so that the youngsters couldn’t hear what I was saying. George’s smile became a raging tiger; his face was a light bulb that had suddenly broken. I then told him about my fear. He admitted to a sense of foreboding.



Strange Friends In An Unknown Place


Gushing winds blew down the drain, then suddenly a catapult of water rushed down towards me and the other rats. One minute I was expressing my curious and interesting feelings to Wise Old George, then the next I was being swept ,with a fast moving current, down a drain that I had never dared to explore before. My whiskers were scraping against the concrete walls and my eyes were just adjusting now to the water. Petrified as I was, I had just realised that I was the only rat who was being swept down this specific drain, everyone else must have gone down the drain toward the right. My eyes filled up with tears, I now knew I would never see my family again!


After a few minutes the water had evened out and there were a few ripples of small waves blowing onto my face. I could see light and my miserable face cracked into a small smile. Although something in the air told me it was not right, I could hear strange noises that I had not experienced before, birds were twittering, dogs were barking uncontrollably and the sweet aroma of baking wafted through air swiftly.


Steadily, I clambered out of the tunnel, my paws plodding along the freshly mowed grass. Then my eyes starting itching irritably, I was lost in an unknown place with know-one to comfort me. Sweet smelling flowers surrounded me, all of different colours.

“ GET OUT OF MY GARDEN. SHOO, COME ON SHOO!” I was being poked by a scorching hot knife into a pit of soil. I stared closely at my arm, there was a small patch of blood on my left arm, it was bleeding uncontrollably. I ran through the weeds as fast as my little legs could carry me, when I was stopped by a viscious cat that had jumped of the bush. His eyes lolled around like a drunk youngster walking down a back alley at night, snot dripped from his his wet nose and his teeth were as sharp as razors. I was petrified to death.


“ What are you doing here?” he croaked confidently. Then he grabbed my painful arm and pierced his sharp fingernails into my patch of blood. I screamed out loudly, didn’t this cat have any kindness for other animals? Obviously not, when I found he had just made a large bald patch on my stomach, he had just pulled out a handful of hair from my bellybutton.

“You’re comin’ with me young fellow,” he whispered into my ear. I was being pulled by my blunt fingernails across the gravelled road, I caught sight of a bright and colourful house, they must’ve been sitting down for their Sunday roast with potatoes, swede,cabbage,parsnips, brussel sprouts and runny gravy. For pudding,a crumbling meringue topped with freshly picked strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and delicious whipped cream. How nice it would have been to sit down and eat that! Instead though, I was being dragged along a rough roadside with cars passing by beeping their horns madly as they pass.

“Get off him!” A voice echoed from the side of the road.I was suddenly pulled by a rough paw into a holly bush, I was lying under a body of flesh, I have to admit I was saved, but the sight was something horrible!

“Hello there old chappy!” The fox said.

His face was more triangular than oval and his voice soft, His eyes were red (extremely unusual) like a boiling hot poker and his fur ruff and tattered. Who was he and why would he he want to save a worthless rat like me from being dragged along the road, by a cat?





Friend Or Foe


“ Me!” He whispered.

I was confused, I hadn’t even said anything. I thought I was speaking in my head. “Obviously not?” I queried.

“I’m the one that wants to pick you up from the road side and save you from a CAT. I read minds young fellow.” This was extremely peculiar.

“ Sorry, you’re never going to escape me. NEVER I SAY, NEVER CHILD.” He shouted at the top of his voice. Bewildered, I tried to get my paws out of his sharp claws but I was going nowhere, I would never escape. I daydreamed about being free and finding my family although I knew that the fox was reading my mind.
“ I knew exactly what you’re thinking boy, but you’ll never escape from the evil mastermind of the countryside.” I screamed a piercing cry of pain right from the bottom of my throat, causing it to dry up, meaning that I choked on my own spit.


Wafts of smoke came towards us in a elegant way, the stars shone brightly like a glimmering jewel ready to dazzle its feet off. This was my chance to be set free, I had been making an escape plan. Firstly I would run through the geraniums until it opened out, after crossing the grass until I got to the road, next I will find a drain and slide down and then finally figure my way back to home where my family would be awaiting me.


Silently, I clambered onto my feet and tiptoe forward, slowly at first and then into a small jog. Divine smells of flowers circulated up my nose as fresh as newly laid bedding. Soil sunk into the wetness of my exhausted feet, after a while I could see clearly the luscious green grass spreading out for miles on end, this was a good sight but unfortunate news. My weak feet had to run across the whole plain without being caught by anyone.

BANG!‘ There was a sudden noise of disaster. My eyes searched the area until I could faintly see a old crippled man, dressed in camouflage clothing with circular glasses on his pointed nose. In his hand, he held (what looked like) a gun, with a circular end to it.

“ Owhhhhhh!” I screamed in pain. Bristles had just scraped against my fur, the man must have seen me running. I suddenly noticed a small puddle of blood on the floor; looking closely at my arm I saw a patch that appeared different from the others, it was bleeding madly. After some quick thinking, I grabbed a handful of grass from the ground, wrapped it round my arm and tied a knot at the end where the two ends met. The grass should soak up the blood quickly and efficiently without me worrying about it endlessly.


Finally, I could sprint towards the forest where I could climb up the tree and leap from branch to branch. The crunch of bark on my feet felt relieving and for one time in my life I felt safe. Spikes grew out of a pine tree ahead of me, this was the perfect tree to climb. I clambered my way up it as quick as a leopard preying on a tiger.


Finally I arrived at the roadside, now ready for a long journey ahead. I had a dream to complete my mission on getting home, I didn’t mind if it meant I would be injured on the way, I needed to find my family.



Homeward bound


Gradually, I trundled along the long path home, my feet feeling like they died a thousand years ago and my legs weakening by the minute. Joy filled my heart as I could see a glimpse of a drain, it may have been dirty and worn, but at least it was a drain that I could escape to my family along. I’ was so thin now, I hadn’t eaten for days so I just slipped through the gap like a piece of silk floating on water, so easily.

“Um-mm Um-mm Um-mm” I said loudly. The smell of a good old sewer! Now I could relax, I was in my home territory once again and this time there was no going back. Unfortunately though, I had to find my way home, now this one is going to be tricky.


Finally after what seemed like a whole lifetime, I’m wasin the house but no one was there, this was surprisingly suspicious.

“ Hello, anyone home? It’s me, Edward, you know, we’re family!?” I screamed from the top of my voice. No one replied, a small tear rolled down my fur. I felt useless and worthless.

“ Surprise, Edward!”


My whole family jumped out of the water, I nearly jumped out of my skin. They were all holding food and drinks in their hands and had come up to greet me warmly. At last I was safe and with my family!


After a night of partying with my family I lay on the familiar can to sleep once again, while I think over my plan. In the morning I woke up to the comforting sounds of police sirens and ambulances. Then I told them we were moving base to a flat on the top floor of a block of luxurious apartments! Screams were echoing off the walls, I set the fire alight!


That day we spent our time moving our belongings from the stinking sewer to a five star apartment. My life was finally complete.


That is my story.



My Story


Hello, I’m Edward and I would like to share my story of my adventure to an unknown place, With you. I’m sure you would understand the hardship I have suffered along the way and the joy I have also been through.

In this particular story I get washed away from my dear family and an adventure of a lifetime starts for me! Will I get back in one piece or will I die on my journey? Who knows, you’ll just have to read to find out, won’t you!


‘An amazing book for young readers, well worth buying’ The Guardian

Extremely well written’ The Observer





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