Caitlin’s Performance Poem

Caitlin’s performance poem concerns a raccoon:

Guts of a terrorist, he sneaks into the silent street,

A shadow in the night.

The devil himself, he stalks upon an innocent mouse,

and pounces with ferocity.

Feasting on his freshly caught prey,

he rips the flesh with razor-sharp teeth.

The Raccoon

Thoughts of a villain, he walks along the pavement,

a snarl painted across his face.

Like a squirrel, he scurries up an unforgiving tree,

claws digging in and clinging like velcro.

As cunning as a pirate, he spears a pigeon,

and licks the blood that dribbles from its back.

The Raccoon

Mind like a ticking clock, his laser eyes scan the leaves,

and he jumps from his perch and hits the ground.

Brains of a pure genius, he memorises his way back home,

and walks back to his den.

The Raccoon

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