This week in Literacy we have been looking at raps. We used Rat it up by Adrian Mitchell as inspiration and tried to create short sharp raps with humour, an ABCB rhyming pattern and a consistent amount of syllables in each line. We then performed for the camera. What do you think? What would you write a rap about?

Here’s the first raps to be filmed.

Millie & Frankie’s Rap Yo Little Siddy

Courteney & Caitlin’s Environmental Rap

Jessica & Anna’s Party All Night

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1 Response to Raps

  1. Justine Jenner says:

    Yo! Millie & Frankie! Down wit’ da kidz!
    Brilliant rap – just needs some graffitti in the background and for you both to be wearing baseball caps, gold chains and a couple of razor stripes on your eyebrows………….

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