Alternative Cinderella: Kate’s Story

Kate’s story is also from the point of view of Anastasia and is written in a lovely conversational style.


This is my story about the newest member of our family, Cinderella. She isn’t just new, she is ungrateful, annoying and extremely UNFASHIONABLE!

My name is Anatasia. I have one sister,Drusilla,one real mother ,one sadly dead dad and now a step dad (he is such a wimp) and a step sister .You can guess who she is,yes Cinderella.

Cinderella isn’t really a sister more a servant. Oh enough about her, on to me. Well the other day something amazing happened,an invitation arrived, it was to a royal ball. I called mum and Drusilla, and told them the amazing news. Drusilla shouted,

“ Mum, please can we go,please”

“Yes darlings, of course” Mum replied. Then we all shouted

“Cinderella!!” You could hear that word echoing around the house. Oh, that vile name it just makes me shiver all over. Everyone says she looks beautiful ,they say that she has lovely white teeth and wonderful blond curls,but obviously I’m much prettier. Hang on we’re getting off track. Where was I? Oh yes we shouted “Cinderella,” she rushed down the stairs nervously.

“Cinderella, the girls need dresses washed, shoes polished, make up ready and their hats ready, chop, chop. They need to be ready in two hours.” Then she toddled up the stairs.

Two hours later Drusilla and I were sat at our dressing table,Drusilla was in front of her mirror (which had a big crack in it) she told me that I looked horrible with a big wart on my nose and my forehead all crinkly but…well…it can’t be true.

After we were all dressed, the three of us (without Cinderella) jumped into the carriage with utter excitement, literally.

The royal family greeted us when we walked into their house. Drusilla and I danced with the prince but then… this beautiful girl walked down the royal stairs in this beautiful long wide white dress, with a pearl necklace and wonderful shiny glass slippers. She looked amazing. She danced with the prince (extremely elegantly, even if I do say so myself), very lady like. But then,she suddenly disappeared and it was my time to shine, hmm. So I leaped out right in front of him, but then mum said it was time to go, ohh capital OHH, I was having so much fun.

The next day the prince announced that the beautiful girl (I was talking about ) had run off so quickly, she had left one of her gold slippers on the stairs so he was out to find who the shoe belonged too. When the prince knocked on our door, mum quickly locked Cinderella away in the cellar just in-case it was her, but anyway it couldn’t have been her. Or so I thought.

Drusilla and I tried to squish our feet into the tiny glass slipper. Drusilla and I tried everything from bending our feet, to nearly nearly breaking out shoe! The prince walked around our house and found Cinderella. Oh I just have to tell this bit don’t I? Well Cinderlla tried on the shoe and to everyone’s amazement the shoe fitted, FITTED I tell you.

So sadly here comes the soppy lovey dovey ending Cinderella married MY prince and they all lived happily ever after !!


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