Teeth experiment results

We checked the results of last week’s experiment yesterday. Here’s Jessica’s write up and photos of the eggshell samples:


Milk- It was the hardest to break because of the calcium in it made the egg shells inner layer tougher and stronger.

Water- It just stayed the same but was fairly hard to break, plus there were no stains on it either. In fact it appeared a little shiny.

Diet coke- It was stained a brown colour, and was quite easy to break.

Coke- It was stained brown however a lot more then the diet coke. However it was also quite easy to break.

Fanta- It disintegrated and crumbled away in your hands.

Sprite- It also disintegrated as the fanta did and was again quite easy to break.

What we found out-

We found out that if you drink to much fizzy, sugary drinks then your teeth will begin to rot away, just as the egg shell did. However its okay to drink them once in a while. On the other hand milk will strengthen your teeth and water won’t affect them.


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2 Responses to Teeth experiment results

  1. Anne Cains says:

    I trust everyone is brushing their teeth after drinking fizzy drinks now!

  2. Briar Gillard says:

    Teeth will disintegrate in Fanta?? Eugh, always knew that stuff was dodgy. I’m off to get myself a nice big glass of milk, right now! Thanks! Wonderful blog you guys, keep it up πŸ™‚

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