Islam quiz

Emily B and James VS present to you their quiz on Islam. Year 6 did fairly well, how will you do? Answers to follow next week…

We have been studying Muslims and their religion in RE and we made this worksheet for you to enjoy.

Islam Worksheet

Q1 What does Allah mean?

Q2 What is the Qur’an?

Q3 What is Ramadan?

Q4 What is the 5th pillar of Islam called?

Q5a What does the 4th pillar mean?

Q5b What is the 4th pillar called?

Q6 What is wodu?

Q7 As a percentage how much of the world’s population are Muslim?

Wizkids only

True or false questions

Q1 Muslim is the second most popular religion in the world?

Q2 The first pillar is called HAJJ?

Q3 The fifth pillar is called ZAKAH?

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