Teeth Experiment

In science today we have been looking at teeth. First of all the class split into table groups and had fifteen minutes to prepare a two minute presentation on what they knew about teeth. It was nice to discover that across the class the general knowledge, on the whole, was pretty good.

Next, we set up an experiment to see the effect that different drinks have on our teeth. We used eggshells to represent teeth and covered them with 100ml each of water, milk, fanta, sprite coke and diet coke. Each piece of eggshell was the same size and we used three samples of each drink to cover any anomalies. We will leave the samples for a week or so before we check what has happened, but the general prediction is that the calcium in milk might strengthen the eggshell while the fizzy drinks could stain and rot them as they are full of sugar.

We will publish the results as soon as they are recorded.

The liquids we used to test their effect on teeth


We used pieces of eggshell as an alternative to teeth

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  1. Tanya Chang says:

    Do you people have a facebook fan page for Teeth Experiment | | class ASclass AS? I looked for for one on the internet but could not find one, I would really like to become a follower!

  2. lara hoult says:

    how long did it take to rot

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