Class AS Perform

Royal Wedding performance

Click on the link above to watch Class AS perform at our Royal Wedding Street Party.

The lyrics we used are below (with sincere apologies to the Gibb brothers).

Tragedy – Liss version


Here we stand in Liss on a Thursday afternoon

Eating food and playing party games with friends

Something’s wrong, we can’t be having this much fun

It really should be literacy, numeracy, literacy, numeracy….

Royal wedding. It’s really cool, you get a day off school

Royal wedding. Get a paper plate, stuff your face with cake

It’s easy to say, but why can’t it be royal wedding every day?


Night and day there’s a big long party going on

Prince Phillip is dancing having lots of fun

Wills and Kate cutting through a wedding cake

I hope they’re counting calories, calories, calories, calories!!!

Royal wedding. The sun will shine and you’ll feel fine

Royal wedding. It’s a brilliant time to drink some wine

It’s easy to say, but why can’t it be royal wedding every day?


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2 Responses to Class AS Perform

  1. hgreen says:

    I really enjoyed your ‘Royal Wedding’ version of tragedy. I thought you performed brilliantly. Well done everyone!

  2. bob says:

    very funnny like the mexacan wave

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