Jack’s Myth

In this Bob Dylan (not the 60s folk star) takes on the evoil Firehead…

Bob And The Firehead

A long time ago in Athens it was steaming hot day. King Angus was having a party until disaster struck. A knife came flying through the window and hit a guest in the chest, and he died.

Petrified, King Angus held his friend in his arms. There was a note saying, “We have come for you. Turn around. Firehead” They all looked around and there he was coming through the window. They all ran. King Angus looked back to the palace they had come from.

After the disaster they all went back to the building, but there was nothing left of it. So King Angus sent a letter to the king of the Greeks to come and kill Firehead and his minions. When King Mine heard about this he decided to send his son, Bob Dylan, to go and help Athens.

Chapter 2 The Arrival

It was a long time to get to Athens. There were all sorts of wild creature’s who were in the ocean like crocodiles, jelly fish. He finally made it into the castle but he was soon arrested for coming into Athens.

When King Angus saw that Bob had been arrested he said,

“ Let him go he is helping us to kill the beasts.” Before the day he went to find the beasts, they had a dinner that was delicious. Suddenly, the Firehead and the Firebyes hit the building.

When he saw the beasts the freaky god came down and scared the beasts away. Scared, King Angus was hiding behind table. Bob told him “ It was only a god.

Chapter 3 the objects

When King Angus calmed down the god said,

“ I am here to help you I am giving you a lamp which shows you the way.” Bob took the item and went back to his house. All night he was thinking what might happen when he went on his mission.

Then something struck the house. He had to react quickly before he died. As hard as a rhino, he pushed the door down and went to the palace.

On the way there he ran into the Firehead. He was hard to see.

Chapter 4 The finding??

On his way there he saw a goddess named Crawler. She was soft. She told him,

“ Here is a flying car to help you”.

He whispered “ Thank you”. As soon as she gave him the keys he was off and running. He had nothing to worry about because he had a lamp which showed him the way. It took him a long time to see the Firehead but he saw them come out. He looked whence it came from and it was dark as night.

The flying car went down a couple of metres away from the cave. He had to be careful what he did. He waited till the Firebyes came out and he jumped on one. Unafraid, Bob took his sword out and hit them all down like a tornado. Bob went into the cave. Bob mumbled, “ I am scared “.

Chapter 5 The Fight and the journey home!!!!

The Firehead was in his favourite corner in the whole cave. So Bob walked in the cave and held his sword and held it up high. The Firehead came storming out and came and hit Bob down. Bob got right back up and hit the Firehead in it’s weak spot. He walked out the cave and left the Firehead dead.

Bob made it safely home. But King Mine had shot himself.

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