Tom’s myth

Tom’s myth combines ancient story with modern technology…


In the heart of Greece lies a small crowded village called Zerros, which had remained, calm and peaceful for over one hundred years. That was until a monstrous, cruel beast known as Slice terrorised the villagers and ruined all their homes and crops, sparing no lives.

Since, only one man had ever seen this foul creature and his descriptions and notes were written down in an old sacred journey, which belonged to young Slasheus’s father, ‘Serbeus the great’. It was now in the hands of Slasheus, his son. Brave and courageous, he was willing to follow in his fathers footsteps to defeat anyone or any thing that dare harm the village locals.

Once again, history had repeated itself and Slice has returned to slaughter the innocent village folk and destroy their livelihoods. Word of this terrible threat to Zerros and its people soon reach the ears of Slasheus and he set about preparing for battle. His beloved father betrothed to him his trusty sword and mighty shield to protect him from beasts of the underworld. However, there was one treasured weapon that he relied on more than anything else. This enchanted potion consisted of deadly poisonous gases, which would distort the vision and movement of the enemy, enabling Slasheus to slay the monster with ease.


Slasheus sat on his cold straw bed thinking of ways to defeat Slice, then he remembered about his Father’s journal. Slowly opening the hard oak chest, Slasheus heard faint voices, they seemed to be of his Father. They were warning him not to attempt to fight this hideous creature. But Slasheus ignored all spoken words for he only wanted to avenge his fathers death, that was the only thing on his mind.

The day had arrived for Slasheus to battle to his death against Slice, saying,

“I cant back down now, I can do this for my father.” Slasheus went back to his home and started reading from his fathers sacred journal. It read,

“Slice is a foul, cunning beast who lives in the Sharian mountains. He is a deeply unpleasant phenomenon, with razor sharp claws which can extend to different lengths enabling him to slice his enemy giving him the name ‘Slice’. He also has a metal mesh netting strapped round his arm, which he fires out to trap and suffocate the enemy. As you can see Slice is a well prepared creature and he has even more weapons and armour. For example, inside his steel helmet is a heat seeking system, I have not a clue how far away an enemy can be detected from. However I do know that if you cover yourself in wet mud Slice will not be able to see you, and you will be hidden from the radar, giving you a chance to do a surprise attack from behind. Finally there’s one more thing you need to know about this revolting monster he has a three dot accurate aim gun strapped to his left shoulder, I estimated that it takes around 3.4 seconds for him to reload.”


Slasheus was beginning to feel anxious but kept his nerve and read on.

“The final most important thing of all is his weak spot, directed not in his heart but in the centre of his thick scaly stomach……. Good luck thou this may be thy last desire.”

Slasheus prepared himself for his quest; leaving at dusk he hoped to arrive when the beast was asleep. Finally, on the morrow Slasheus became wary that Slice was awake and gradually getting closer. Cunningly he crept round behind Slasheus and scratched him on his back. Brave and fearless, Slasheus got back up and cut off Slice’s fingers, he bled with bright green blood but still he did not fall. Slasheus climbed rapidly up the nearest tree, however he was detected by Slices heat seeking system. As quickly as he could, Slasheus jumped down and stabbed the cruel monster right in the chest, but his cold metal sword snapped against the monster, just missing his stomach. With no sword to battle with Slasheus was forced to use his sacred deadly potion, thrusting his arm he threw the poisonous gas bomb directly at the creatures stomach……Taking his helmet as proof of Slices death Slasheus strolled home with pride and confidence…………knowing his quest was complete.

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