Jessica’s Myth

Jessica’s myth is a real epic with several homages to famous greek myths…

The girl who wished she wasn’t

King Ageas put his head in his hands and sighed,

“ Will no one come forth to make an attempt of slaying this foul beast?” He demanded to the crowd of gathered villagers standing before him. A lone voice rang and echoed around the great hall. Every person in the eerie room turned to a young person in armour.

“ I Aneas shall step forward to slay the Fuzine,” The small figure said eagerly.

“ Well,” the king croaked, dazzled by the confidence and determination the boy had, however he had hoped for a person perhaps with more of a muscular build and a lot taller. He knew now though that no one else would step forward as this boy had already volunteered. Although his mind was swimming with doubt that this man could ever bring peace to the land.

If you are truly worthy of fighting this beast then bring me back a single petal from the greatly rare white orchid, I simply can not allow another citizen to die tby the monster.”

It was said that no one had ever been able to collect the flower (however many that tried) although it was rumoured that it lay on the highest tip of mount Olympus. Everyone now was silent; all eyes were placed on the figure standing before them. Aneas agreed to the quest that lay before him!

Aneas travelled for many a day and many nights all the way to the highest peak of Mount Olympus to collect the petal the King most desired. Anxiously, he put his hand out to the petal and placed it carefully into his pouch. However, he did not know of the beast that guarded this flower and suddenly in one whoosh he was knocked off his sturdy feet and onto the rocky ground below.

Fear swept over him like grey mist settling on the cold, hard ground. As he looked up, looming over him stood a two headed …DRAGON! Even though he was more frightened than he’d ever been in his life he gave a cry of war and charged at the beast , his hands clasped so tightly round his weapon it started slipping from the sweat of his hand. Once again he was immediately brought down like a kitten against a tiger. But Aneas had great courage and bravery, so he did not stop until the beast was brought to its grave. With one last slice through the air the beast lay down in agony as its soul slowly and painfully left its dead body.

When Aneas laid the petal down before the king everyone congratulated him and he was made a well known hero throughout the land.

“Thou hast done well. Now I am sure you are ready and able to fight the monster,” king Ageas proclaimed though he hoped he covered up enough the fact that he really did have some suspicions about this young man would kill the great Fuzzine. However his thoughts were interrupted by Aneas’s reply.

“Thank you my lord, it is an honour to be serving under you.” He addressed the king confidently with a determined gleam in his sparkling emerald green eyes as stern and as steady as an eagle’s! The suspicions that the king had was that the boy never seemed to take his helmet and armour off, and the king felt odd when he looked into his burning eyes, he felt as though he was hiding something. Even though the villagers clearly could not see this and feel it, the king would not be forsaken.

The night before Aneas was due to head off along the road to fight the monster and bring peace and happiness to the land, he prayed to the goddess Ariana to come forth to help him. Sure enough that night the goddess spoke to Aneas in his dreams.

“Aneas I have brought gifts of luck to you and not only because you prayed and pleaded me for help. No, that would not have been enough to persuade me, but thou hast shown great courage and determination. As you know I am the goddess of that and I most definitely wish to help you greatly. My first gift to you shall be that I may only be of help to thee three times and three times only. My next gift to you shall be this bow this one in particular one will rarely miss when you mind is clearly on the thing you wish to hit! I also give thee a sword of sheer solid silver and the handle is made from the wood of the strongest oak. This gift is given because as you may know the Fuzine has tremendous speed and would outrun you within seconds. Well, with this sword if you inflict even the smallest of wounds, the Fuzines speed will stop and you will have the advantage. My final gift to you will be a small dove. This bird is one I have trained and at your command it will lead you to where the Fuzine lies,” Ariana said with a gentle voice.

Aneas woke with a gasp; the sun streamed though the windows making his eyes sting and water. Never before had he dreaded something this much and yet he thought that strangely this made him more determined to do it!

The journey took seven days and seven nights, getting more hungry and tired by the hour. Putting one foot in front of the other and not ever looking back, he wondered through the scorching sun and the thunderous rain. He felt as strong as an ox although his energy he felt was being drained out of his body.

Finally, after the long and hard travel, he reached the lair where the Fuzine lay. Inside the sort of cave like lair it was damp on the walls and dark and cold. The smell was awful and Aneas felt as though he was going to faint, it smelt of rotten fish and dried dead meat. Aneas crept through, the narrowness crushing ribs (even if he stood side ways!)

Suddenly, there was a flash of light and the next thing he knew the great Fuzine was towering over him. Gasping and spluttering, he took time to gather himself, thinking ‘come on, pull yourself together’. The beast was like nothing he’d seen before. Aneas closed his eyes not being able to bear the sight of its foul, menacing, red bloodshot eyes and its slimy blue goo oozing from its sticky feathers.

Just then his thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Ariana.

“The sword…The sword.” He grabbed the sword from hids belt and slung it at the monster. It only cut the beast by a few centimetres, but he knew it was enough. The great bird cried out in pain letting out an ear piercing screech so loud the Aneas had to clasp his hands over his ears. The monster swiped a ferocious claw at him, wounding him so badly he felt as though he was going to die. He summoned Ariana.

“Please you said thou shall help me three times only well, I ask you know to heal me.”

It was done. With one last arrow the beast was killed!

Later, when Aneas arrived back in his home village, he brought the head of the Fuzzine to the king. Only moments before people were swarming around him, thanking and congratulating him. But now he was being offered a reward for bringing peace to the land. His reply came almost at once as though he was expecting to be asked,

I want nothing more than your promise that if I take my helmet off that no harm will come to my family and myself. I also shall want you to let me serve in your palace as knight Lena”

Her wish was granted but the king demanded to know why she was to be addressed by the name of Lena. With that her helmet was removed to reveal…


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