Harry S’ myth

Harry has produced an amusing piece of writing while staying faithful to many aspects of myths. Read on…

Hareseus and the Minotaur

Once in the city of Athens in castle Klausean, King Klausean was in another one of his strops.

“Posters of thou country’s missing people everywhere, no tourists and no more profit for my country. All I need is a hero.” The king may have been a stroppy man, but was indeed a kind man as well. He used to be popular with the people, but now his popularity was going down with the public. As no tourists were coming the money in Greece was falling and the country was almost in poverty. Everyone’s patience was wearing thin with the king.

Suddenly the sun shone brightly; this was surprising as it was a cold spring morning.

“Nyaaagh, my eyes!” screamed the king.” Then a rap at the door drowned out all noise in the castle.

“Come in” boomed the king

“I the mighty Hareseus is here to slay the evil beast that threatens thy land and castle.” proclaimed a strange man not wearing very much. Then the king snapped,

“How are you supposed to fight this evil beast in thy underwear?” After that the whole castle started to howl with laughter. Angrily, Hareseus replied,

“I shall return with the head of thy Minotaur”

“Take this idiot away guards.” ordered the king.

Hareseus mooched around outside, now regretting what he had said earlier. Blinded all of a sudden, Hareseus just saw sunlight, or so he thought, as it was a bright day, but two hazy figures emerged from the light. It was Pegionauss and Careseanous .

“Take this crystal it shall help you knock out the Minotaur” said Careseanous.

“Take this sword, it shall help you KILL the Minotaur” said Pegionauss. “Oh and also it shall help you parry the Minotaur’s attacks,” he added.

“But how am I supposed to fight this beast in my underwear?” moaned Hareseus. Then Careseus pointed to a hole in the castle and a ladder which led to the storeroom of the castle.

“Thank you” said Hareseus and climbed the ladder. It was quite nervewracking going up the ladder, especially as there were fully armed guards with weapons as well. Eventually Hareseus reached the top and there he saw it ; it was almost gold : A Golden vest, an iron helmet, leather shorts as well, but the thing that caught his eye most was THE BRONZE SHIELD. Quickly he scrambled all this on , he slid down the ladder and was off!

Soon Hareseus found himself in a deep rancid smelling wood. But he had confidence and wasn’t scared of all the evil rumours about this wood.

Before long he was at the Minotaur’s lair, it stank of mouldy cheese and the beast was asleep. It had a runny nose, thick scraggly fur and it’s bum had flies swirling round it. But before long the beast awoke and charged at Hareseus. Quickly Hareseus reacted, throwing the crystal. He had perfect accuracy: it hit the Minotaur’s head and knocked it out. Quickly he drew his sword up and stabbed it in the Minotaur’s back. It growled its last growl and died. Remembering what he had said earlier, he sliced off his head, took off the armour he borrowed, and put it on a skeleton then he headed back to castle Klausean.

 It seemed hours, but eventually he got there, he rapped on the door and waited. Then he heard someone saying,

“COME IN.” It was the king! Hareseus opened the mighty doors of the castle and held Socrates the Minotaur’s head way above his own. A great cheer erupted in the hall and then all noise died down to hear what the king had to say about it all, “As thou has slayed thee evil beast Socrates, I shalt give you the castle as a reward.” Then one of the servants added,

“And all the clothes you need as well!” Everyone laughed including Hareseus himself.

Soon Hareseus was heading home, it wasn’t long before he got there. But he was still awaiting his clothes! But that didn’t matter as for now he was the Athens’ hero.

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8 Responses to Harry S’ myth

  1. Helen Griffiths says:

    Fantastic story, very descriptive what a great imagination – funny too! Well done Harry x

  2. Grandad says:

    Fantatsic!! Certainl awoke my imagination! Lets see some more!

    • Harry Sullivan says:

      Thankyou for your lovely comment, there is more that I’ve done and you should be able to get to it (I hope !) this is the french fashion show pictures but as you said there will indeed be some more good work FROM ME and you will see it.
      missing you lots

      Love Harry XXX

  3. Claire Wickham says:

    Lots of imagination used Harry ! A very funny story, with a very good ending. Very well done – xx– You should be very pleased with this wonderful story .

  4. erin sullivan says:

    amazing i think its very funny so i recommend it as funny story.

    very well done. from erin

  5. Paul Wickham says:

    superb 🙂

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