Tessa’s myth

Tessa’s myth features a horrible Demon Devil and brave Thomas. Throw in a bit of romance and you’ve got a myth woth reading…

Sir Thomas the great

One time long ago in the village Aagos, a powerful King was very disturbed by his upset village because a horrible monster had been destroying his village and trying to hunt the King down!

A mighty warrier called Thomas went up to the Kings castle, and asked to defeat the dangerous beast, the Demon Devil. The King said ,

“If you defeat the horrible beast, you will be crowned Sir Thomas the great”

“Well that’s an offer that I can’t refuse,” said Thomas. Thomas sat on the beach waiting and wondering how he could find the the monster and how he could get there. Then he saw a tall elegant lady with long fair hair and a long red dress. She came up to Thomas and said,

“I have been waiting for you.” Carefully carrying a golden sword, shield and helmet, she said,

“ These magical objects will help you to fight the Demon Devil.”

“But who are you and where do I go?” Thomas exclaimed.

“ I am Mina, a goddess. You must go to the lake in the valley, you will meet another goddess. Hurry or you will keep her waiting.”

So Thomas set off and and saw a women. She was a goddess. He said,

“Are you the other goddess?”

“Yes and my name is Sabrina. Verily you have arrived. I have been waiting for you.”

“ I’m here now but what do you want?………..WOW!” Petrified ,Thomas had no words to describe the wonderful beast in front of him.

“What is that?” Thomas whispered. The tall elegant lady held a pearl in her hand and said,

“In in my hand is a real pearl. I will throw it into the water. If you can get it you can have my flying horse.” So Thomas dived into the water and swam as deep as he could to get the pearl. Thomas jumped out of the water breathless, holding up the pearl.

“Here take my flying horse”

“ But where do I go?”

“Go to the dark cave in the south”

“Thank you!” So Thomas climbed onto the shining horse, and he guided it to the cave.

Finally, he reached his destination. He climbed off the horse and went into the cave with his sword and shield at the ready. Creeping up behind the creature, he swiped his mighty gold sword and cut into the Demon Devil’s back and he whined with pain and said

“How dare you smite me with your sword. Now you will die before me.” Suddenly Thomas ran up with rage and cut his hideous head off, and it fell into his hands. Its shrivelled up body had sharp damp claws; you could see inside its mouth and its sharp pointy teeth. He sprinted out to the horse.

Thomas’ horse was standing in front of some rocks. Leaping onto the horse he flew back to the beach, he got off his horse and saw Sabrina waiting for him. She said, happily,

“I can’t resist your charming face. Will you marry me Thomas?”

“Of course I will!” And within a day they became married and Tomas was called sir Thomas the great.

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