James VS’ myth

A cracking good story with an unusual way of killing an evil beast. James has drawn on several famous myths to create his own. Enjoy the story…

Andres and the evil Mojo

A long time ago in Helios there lived a fine young fellow by the name of Andres. Andres’ father King Callas was the island’s smart and wise ruler. One day a mighty beast called Mojo started attacking the kingdom of Helios. He took over the kingdom and every week he had to be fed 14 men and women (1,456 people a year) The people were chosen by pulling names out of a hat .Andres sneakily sunk his name into the hat. When King Callas pulled Andres’ name out of the hat he was shocked.

“There must be some mistake” the king exclaimed

“No Father, there is no mistake, Father. I am going to slay this evil beast and free the people of Helios.”

So his father watched in dread as his son, his own son gotready to go to the island of EVIL where Mojo lived. Before Andres set sail his father said to him,

“If you are alive then fly the green flag and if you are dead fly the red flag”. Scared, Andres set sail for the island of EVIL where Mojo lived.

When he arrived Andres was held in prison. While he waited to be taken elsewhere (to the entrance of the maze) a girl suddenly appeared through the shadows of the tall padlocked door.

“ I can help you” she said

“How?” Andres asked

“Ares has some magical gifts for you. I have come as a messenger for him,” said the mysterious girl. “But first you must defeat the evil centaur that rules Athens.”

So Andres travelled quickly to Athens where he was greeted by a gruff voice

“Are you Andres?” he asked

“Yes.” Andres replied politely

“We have been expecting you,” he shouted

“Where do I start?” he asked

“Go to the centre of Athens where there is a flower bed. sniff all the yellow flowers in the bed and the centaur will appear . He will be fiery mad.” Then he disappeared into the shadows

“Wait,, you haven’t told me how to defeat the centaur!” But Andres realized it was no use. He had disappeared.

So Andres travelled for countless days (well actually it was just a few hours, but Andres was overreacting). He finally reached the bed and it was beautiful; it was breathtaking; it would be almost impossible to sniff all the yellow flowers.

“I have to succeed,” he thought to himself. He sniffed the last flower and then the centaur magically flew down from the sky. And the gruff voiced man was right; he was flaming with rage he was also extremely ugly. He had 14 green massive warts spread across his face and peeling all over his legs and arms. When he landed on the ground the earth shook heavily and Andres fell to the ground, but what Andres didn’t know was the centaur could fly. He swung his blade aimlessly at the centaur it hit a yellow flower slicing it in half and the centaur fell heavily to the ground like it was hurt Andres suddenly realized what he had to do. He dodged attacks and cut through the flowers. After Andres had sliced all the yellow flowers the centaur fell limply to the ground in defeat .

Suddenly all was quiet ,there was a eerie glow and Ares (the god of war) quickly came into view.

“You have proved yourself worthy to me. Here are your promised gifts.” He held out his hand and in it he had a helmet, shield, sword and sandals.”

“Thank you Ares,” Andres said politely and he bowed.

Once he had received these magical gifts, Andres travelled back to the boat. Now he had to sail back to the island of Evil. He was held for another three days before he was taken to the entrance of the maze where Mojo lived.

Andres walked to the entrance of the maze and shouted “Hello!” It echoed off the walls and roof. Not everyone was eaten by Mojo, some people starved to death on the edges of the maze. He tied some magical string his father had given him around a firm rock at the entrance that would lead him to Mojo.

It bumped and it jumped across the rocky ground which was lined with human skulls and dry blood .Andres felt a shiver run down his spine. The enormously long string stopped at the foot of an enormous rock which, after the string touched it, turned into an ugly beast. It roared loudly and the skulls chattered noisily. Mojo swiped down with one of his muscular arms, Andres put up his shield to protect himself. Mojo’s arm hit the shield which turned fiery hot.

“OW” Andres screamed. Andres glanced down at his arm and it was badly infected Andres gritted his teeth, swung his sword and he sliced Mojo in half. He stood stationary still and then fell heavily to the floor.

Andres pulled the string and it led him back to the entrance of the maze and he set sail for home. He put up the green flag and his father heaved a sigh of relief. Andres was crowned hero of Athens and they had a big party to celebrate and he lived happily ever after.

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