Emily W’s Myth

Lots of speech and a whirlwind romance in this myth by Emily.

The story of Tomas

Long, long ago in a village called Lucaphon in Greece ,there was a boy by the name of Tomas. He had a father called Philip and a little sister called Sabrina. They had a King who grew sad because his poor country getting destroyed by the most horrid beast you could ever imagine.

Tomas heard that the King wanted someone who would come up and kill this horrid beast. Someone who was adventurous and would try as hard as he could. Tomas had always wanted to be a warrior and he knew this was his chance.

“Dad I am going up to the king Atheus’ castle because I want to slay that beast. This village has had enough bad luck and I want it to stop!”

“No son, you can’t. Not with your little sister’s 4th birthday coming up. If you’re not there she will never talk to me again.”

“Dad I’m going and I promise I’ll be back,”said Tomas.

Tomas went up to the king and asked for his permission.

“Thou thinks thou can slay this beast?”

”Yes I do.”

“Alright. I’ll give you six days. If you do not return we will presume you are dead”. “Thank you so much I promise I will not fail you, your Majesty.”

“Are you sure you can keep that promise?”

“Yes I’m sure, very sure I think.”

“Just go and take five of my knights with you”.

Thank you your Majesty”.

    And take my boat with you too”

Right come on lets go and slay a monster!” cried Tomas.

They got on the boat and sailed to the island in front of them called Iribus. When they got there they tied the boat to a rock with some some rope. All the knights went to the boat to get their weapons. Meanwhile Tomas was near the opening of the cave, a beautiful goddess appeared and she said,

“Hello Tomas I have come to give you some gifts. A magic map that shows you the way and a magic sword that can chop through anything.”

Thank you, but how did you know?”

That I can not tell you. Follow me and thou can eat.”

“But what about my men?”

“Forget them”

But I cant!”

Fine, don’t come”

“NO, no. I’ll come,but not for long ok?”

“OK,” replied the Goddess. Tomas went with the goddess and he met the

most prettiest women he had ever saw.

I’m sorry I have to go now now but I’ll be back” said Tomas. Tomas dragged him self back to the boat and he and the knights had a little squabble.

“Where were you?”cried one of the knights.

“I got lost, alright! Now let’s just get some sleep NOW!”

The next morning they were all ready to set out for the big battle. Tomas grabbed his sword and map and realised that he only had four days left until he had to return.

“ Hold on, let me open my map. Right ,forward and then take a right.”

After that it got darker. They walked into a cave and all they could hear were loud heart beats. All of a sudden they turned round the corner and saw the most horrid beast. It had huge wings and huge horns and it had 3 eyes! And when it breathed, smoke came out of its mouth.

“ Right, we need a plan. All run out and distract him, then I will climb up him and chop his head off,” cried Tomas

“Ok” said one of the knights.

“Right, CHARGE!”

The knights ran out and Tomas climbed up the horrid beast and with one chop of his blade the head fell on the floor. But the knight didn’t know and were still clanging their swords at the beasts legs.

“ Knights stop! It’s dead”

“ Did thou kill it?”


“ OK, OK. Stop shouting.” Tomas waited five minutes and then ran out fo the cave back to the place where he had some food.

When he got to the place and found the beautiful girl he asked her what her name was,

“It’s Sofia”

“Do you want to marry me?”

“Oh yes,” replied Sofia

“Good, come with me back to my boat and we will go to my home village.”

They sailed home with one day to spare.

“ He’s here, he’s really here!” cried one of the salesmen.

“ Yes I am and I need to see the king now.” So Tomas went to the King’s castle.

“Tomas, thou returns and who is this with you?”

“ We are engaged. Now let me go back to my home because its my little sister’s birthday.”

“ Fine, go!” said the king, “And take her with you”

“Thank you your majesty.” said Tomas

Tomas rushed back home and told his family about Sofia, and two weeks later they got married.

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    Great work Emily, well done

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