Abi’s myth

A tense surreal myth that draws on Life on Mars and Doctor Who is Abi’s composition.

One: In the beginning

“Silence will fall soon,” as an echo went around the dark silent room.

“Who’s there?” I said. But no one was. I turned my head to see what was behind me. But nothing was; well almost nothing, but just a small crack in the wall. I was all alone in an empty dark room. Then the crack in the wall started to grow and grow and grow and every second it did my heart beat grew with it. I could not take my eyes off it, it was too strong for me. Then i started to fall deep into the crack. There was no escape!

My name was Sam Tyler and this is the story of how I become a Greek hero.


Two: Where am I?

“Oh, my head.” I felt ill in a sort of way.

“What’s wrong Sam?”

“Who are you?”

“Don’t be silly Sam, you know my name is George.”

“But…but… you don’t understand I’m from here.” But George did not replay.

so he took me home, but I did not understand why I was here. So I decided to run far far away from this weird place at night. He showed me my home and I went inside. It was ok, but there was smoke all around me. I did not like it at all. It was not like home. As night came the sparkly moon came out. At last I could escape. It was a full moon so I could see well. I saw a foot path leading to the woods, So I ran and ran and ran. I did not stop and when I was there I saw a big gold box. I decided to step in the gold box. And then…

“Who are you?”.

Three: The king

“Take him to the king.”

“Oh no, here we go again.’

‘I’ve been expecting you!’ said the king. But I did not know why.

‘Why am I here?’ I asked

‘To slay the beast,’ replied the king

‘But im not a hero, I’m just an ordinary person.’

‘Well, thats what you think.’ The king turned around on his chair and gave me a sword, a helmet and a shield.

‘Do I really have to do this?’ I asked. ‘Am I really the one?’

‘Yes son, you are’ said the king

“Where do I find this beast anyway?’

‘You will get there the same way you got here, through the big golden box.’

I decided to take no notice of him and carry on with what I was supposed to do. So I set off. I went in the woods and there in front off me was a gold box

I went inside the box. Then I hard a voice, but I did not know what it was. I started to walk and there was a reflection of me when the crack was in the wall and I fell into it.

“Oh so that’s what it was.” I said.

“Yes it is you” replied a strange voice.

“Who are you?“ I asked. But no one answered. Then the beast came around the corner.

“I have been exspeting you.” Then he came crasing and bashing to me. Then I got my sword out AND…. Bang! Blood was everywhere and I was covered in it. The beast had left a note. I took the note and went back to tell the king BUT …

I could not do it because the box had gone and I was home.

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2 Responses to Abi’s myth

  1. Miss Clements says:

    This is really good work Abi! … I wish I could know what happens next. Miss Clements.

  2. Caitlin from as says:

    I really like this story and I hope more of your work is posted on the blog abi

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