Emily B’s myth

Emily’s story features a brave heroine…

The Deadly Angel

Chapter 1: The plague

Long, long ago in Ancient Greece there was a beautiful princess called Indigo. Unfortunately for her, a foul beast had spread a plague, and was killing everyone. Each night Indigo prayed to the gods to send a hero. All hope was lost until she decided to make a notice to see if any hero would come forth. One day she received a letter saying a man called Prosta had agreed to slay the beast. She was delighted to hear that someone would help her.

Chapter 2: The beast

In a dark labyrinth lived Deadly Angel, the most evil beast in the whole of Indagon ( the princess’ land), this was the beast Prosta had to had to slay with his sword ,shield and helmet. In the centre of the labyrinth there was a cave that was where the deadly angel lived. When you met the beast it was like meeting an unearthly creature and it was so horrible some people would die at it’s name (how bad is that?) some people tried very hard not to meet this terrible beast, but sometimes did not succeed! Now if you tried to avoid this beast you wouldn’t be able to get into town to go to the market (very annoying). Many tried to cut through the hedge to the path on the other side of labyrinth, but you would either get blinded or get stuck and eaten by the beast.

Chapter 3: The failure

It was the day Prosta had to slay the Deadly Angel, but of course he wasn’t scare (not). Just before he went he hugged Indigo. Soon Prosta found the Deadly Angel when he heard a noise coming from the cave, so he crept closer to have a look and he saw a poor villager being strangled to death . Prosta was so scared that he let out a scream. Suddenly the beast turned around and stared to chase Prosta around the labyrinth, but Prosta came to a dead end, then the beast started the killing process again .

Chapter 4: A hero at last

Indigo was not at all sad when Prosta didn’t come back because he was selfish and ungrateful so she didn’t care at all. Immediately Indigo went break the news to Prosta’s family .They also said that they weren’t upset either because they to thought that he was ungrateful and selfish .Indigo was so upset about not having a hero to slay the beast so she decided to send a letter to every man who could slay the beast . A few days later she got a reply from a man called Obligos saying he’d do the job, but by the time Indigo got back to him he was half dead . Suddenly Indigo had a good idea; she would slay the beast herself!

Chapter 5: The end of the plague

Indigo had all the stuff she needed to slay the beast but one of her slaves threw up all over himself because he was so worried about her, so she quickly cleaned him up and went on her way. Indigo was very worried because she was taking a lot longer than she wanted but she didn’t let that stop her so she quickly went on her way . Indigo was nearly there because she could see an old sign in the road,so she quietly went inside. Indigo was just about to enter the cave when Athena came down and gave her a invisible suit so she could not be seen and a silver shield to defend herself with . Indigo got in the cave and got the Deadly Angel’s attention. The beast turned round and ran after Indigo,but it could not see her so he shone his eyes at her. That was when Indigo held up the shield and the beast melted. So she quickly grabbed a pearl jar and scooped up the liquid and ran to the palace and gave the jar to the guards to look after for the night. Then the princess heard a noise; she was scared because it was the middle of the night. It was Zeus. He took the jam jar from her and took it to the land of the gods. The next night Indigo held a feast to celebrate the death of the beast.

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