Courteney’s myth

Courteney’s myth is highly entertaining although it might set back gender relations by a few hundred years. I hope you enjoy it….

Lucas and the Bone Crusher

Lucas sat on the warm gravel outside the castle steps, where Lucas’s father (the king) lived. He was sitting there because he had got thrown out by getting into a fight with his father. All because Lucas’s father thought he was not doing anything with his life. The only way he could prove to his father that he was not wasting his life away was by killing the Bone Crusher, (a evil beast which comes every 3 year to crush the city and it also ruins peoples life’s because it spits fire balls.)

Misery came to all the people of Ceanine when the Bone Crusher started crushing families and their homes.

Just as Lucas was about to get up (to NOT apologize to his father) he saw a amazing glowing sensation right in front of him.

Hello Lucas.” The words were coming from the glowing light.

What who said that?” said Lucas, terrified.

I am Phoebe.” said the light in a soft gentle voice.

Who is Phoebe?” questioned Lucas.

Phoebe,the god of good luck and advice, I am also a young maiden and have I said you are a fine youth.”

Well thank you.” replied Lucas.”Why have you come?” he asked, starting to get his confidence back.

I have come to help you slay the beast to prove to your father that you are not wasting your life away.”

Then there was a small silence.

Phoebe was speaking to Lucas all the way to Mr. Thomism’s shop.”Hello what can I get you two?” said Mr. Thomas in a polite way.

One sword please.” replied Lucas.

Coming right up.”

When Lucas and Phoebe came out of the shop, Phoebe handed over a magical helmet.

What is this for?” asked Lucas.

Well young fellah, this here helmet is no ordinary helmet because it makes all weapons you are holding become invisible!”

Can we go fight now?” said Lucas anxiously.

Lucas,Lucas,Lucas you can’t just go out and fight! You have to get some muscles.” replied Phoebe.

All week and the next Lucas was training non-stop for the up coming fight. Lucas started fencing and archery just to be a success! He then tried out the helmet that Phoebe gave him, it worked like a breeze.

When it was four days until the fight Lucas decided to tell his father what he was doing.

Oh father I know it’s a bit late but I going away to fight the 3 headed beast what puts misery on top of are kingdom.” said Lucas trying to stay strong. After Lucas had told his father, the king broke down on his knees and started sobbing because he didn’t want his little boy to go and fight.

It was the day of the fight. Weeping, Lucas’s father begged him not to go. Lucas was determined to stay strong and fight but he just couldn’t help a little tear from trickling out. So petrified Lucas pick up his shimmering sword and said one last goodbye to the castle ( just in case) and then he started to walk out of the castle gates. When Lucas got out side and on to the stone path he saw Phoebe waiting to wish him good luck, even though she was coming with him.

They walked and talked together, maybe for the last time. Then Phoebe spoke from her heart,

Lucas please I’ll give you good luck and advice but only if you marry me.”

Lucas didn’t say anything!

When they got to the beast’s den Lucas started to regret his plan, he would rather be a wimpy man instead of a dead one! He knew that he couldn’t back down or pull out. Lucas then put on the magical helmet and grabbed hold of the sword then entered the lair. When he got inside he gripped the weapon and gave a big yell. The beast woke up and gave a cry for help as Lucas swung down on the beast’s neck, but then the sword broke. The beast was now full up with fury and rage.

What shall I do now?” screamed Lucas.

If you marry me I will give you the bow and arrow!” replied Phoebe.

Ok, I’ll marry you” said Lucas, even though he knew he has already got a wife back home in the kingdom. Lucas handed the broken sword over. Lucas then gripped tight on the arrow and gave another yell.

Wait” said Phoebe. “Aim the arrow at the front left foot.”

Why?” questioned Lucas.

Just do what I say, OK!” cried Phoebe. Lucas then pulled back the arrow and said

So long my little big friend!” He then let go , the arrow went slicing though the air, but then he missed. The horrible beast started to get up.

What shall we do now?” said Lucas

Just run!” replied Phoebe. So both of them ran as fast as they could, but the beast was gaining on them fast. Then their was a eerie shriek or a cry for help. Lucas and Phoebe were wondering what and where that noise came from.

LOOK OUT!!” shouted Phoebe as the evil beast came tumbling down. Phoebe and Lucas looked bat each other in despair.

It seems to me that it is likely the beast stepped on the missed arrow” said Phoebe “On his weak spot!”

That is what you call good luck.” replied Lucas.

Well that all came from your wife!”

What do you mean…?” Wondered Lucas “You’re not my wife”

But you said!” shouted Phoebe at Lucas

Then there was silence and with out another word Lucas picked up the jagged broken sword and swung it high above his head, then there was a gasp.

A couple of minutes later Lucas came out of the lair with a blood splattered design on his t-shirt ( from the beast and Phoebe!). Lucas was shaking all over, from head to toe.

On the morrow, Lucas got his pride back from his dad and his dad doesn’t think he is worthless, because he is a hero (I think!) That evening Lucas met up with his wife Athena and they watched the sun go down from the balcony of the castle.

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